Our History

The Ridges in Weston:

The name of the Ridges at Weston Pond is indeed a significant archaeological site named in the state of Florida’s Archeological Registry as Weston Pond. Radiocarbon dates of the peat formation indicate an age of 5,080 B.C. and one of the oldest dates in the Everglades.

This ancient pond was created out of the limestone reef and is at least 10,000 years old. The Ridges are the remnants of this reef and the ridges pond became an oasis in the ancient savannah of Florida, long before the Everglades formed. There have been two prehistoric camps discovered at The Ridges’ site, one on the pond’s north shore and the second on the south shore. Our community consists of 1498 homes, on 500 acres of land in the beautiful city Of Weston.

Weston consists of Approximately 27 square miles in land size, with a population of 66,603, Weston is located in southwestern Broward County, Florida. Initially conceived as a master-planned community, Weston was incorporated in 1996. Well managed growth has given rise to one of South Florida’s most desirable communities, both residential and corporate. Weston’s culturally diverse population enjoys a vibrant community, whose lifestyle, appearance and management style cities around the world wish to emulate.